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The Book of Ice

by Evgeny Masloboev Ensemble

Prologue 01:18
Glossary 02:25
Epilogue 04:47


Ice has long attracted me as a structure, recreational physics, an opportunity and lack of it.

Ice is a headache for a musician, composer or sound engineer: you start playing in one key, risking to end it somewhere outside the chromatic range or even losing your instrument.

Ice is an acoustic trap for sound, an insulator and frozen time. It is a beautiful transparent nothing…

Baikal Dream Club invited me to participate in the embodiment of ideas in creating a large-scale performance «Ice Library». That’s how the First Baikal Ice Music Festival started, which I curated, being an audial expert, composer, musician…

The result of almost a month of work was a unique acoustic experience. The acoustic properties of Baikal ice and the possibilities of transferring research results to the field of aesthetics from sound images to full-fledged musical compositions were studied. Also, experiments were conducted on the timbre combinations of sound waves extracted from ice structures with audio palettes created by using objects made out of a variety of materials.

Experiments with making and extracting sounds from ice marimbas, balafons, horns, ice flutes and ice percussion are a process, in which my musician friends and I are trying the ice for love of fire and in which the tone is checked against the beat of the heart.

Ice accustoms my hands to ways of fading stars, falling in the snow like unnecessary words.

Snow on a rooftop and snow covering your footprints’ hollows, leading not to me, is just a precipitation form, consisting of small ice crystals. It’s a question of emptiness. It’s a question of silence.

Evgeny Masloboyev, translated by Oleg Krokhalev


released September 13, 2019

Evgeny Masloboev: ice marimba, ice flutes, ice percussion, ice horn, vocal [1-13]
Mariya Korneva: vocal, ice marimba, ice percussion [4-7, 12, 13]
Liliya Kananykhina: vocal, ice percussion [1, 4, 6, 10, 12, 13]
Viktor Golovchenko: ice percussion, ice horn [5, 6, 12, 13]
Ulyana Sukhikh: vocal, ice marimba, ice percussion [6, 13]

Composed by: Evgeny Masloboev [1-13], Mariya Korneva [5, 7, 13]
Recorded by: Nikolay Legeido, Evgeny Masloboev
Mixed, mastered by: Nikolay Legeido, Evgeny Masloboev
Cover photo by: Maksim Savchenko
Photography by: Artem Moiseev
Special thanks to: Baikal Club of Dreamers, Sergey Kochugov and his team


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